This is the place you’ll find all the useful information in order to proceed with a successful order. Please download OUR templates provided below. We have provided templates in 5 industry used software formats.


Photoshop         (Download)
Illustrator           (Download)
PDF                     (Download)
InDesign             (Download)
Quark                  (Download)

All files must be zipped (compressed) and submitted in a (.zip) format on the checkout page. Please ensure that your zipped archives have all the necessary files for your order including front and back designs if you are ordering a double sided card.

Each item in your ‘Shopping Cart’ can have 1 design associated with it in the zip file. For example, if you purchase 5000 business cards, you can NOT submit multiple designs to use for the 5000 cards. The 5000 cards can only have 1 design with a front and back. If you need to have 2 designs, than you will need to purchase 2 x 2500 cards and submit 2 designs in your (.zip) file. Each item in your cart can only have 1 design associated with the item.

If your ‘Shopping Cart’ has multiple items, for example ‘5000 double sided business cards’, also ‘2500 single sided business cards’ and ‘15,000 double sided business cards’ than your (.zip) file should include 3 different designs with front and back depending on the specs you’ve selected. We hope this clarifies the file and ordering process, please contact us prior to ordering if you have further questions.