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Business Cards with Call to Action

Business cards always have been and and will always be a great way of networking. But not everyone breaks out of the traditional business card with just their basic information. We’re not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but technology has advanced and given the possibility to add images, graphics, etc with outstanding clarity. We have also evolved in marketing and advertising. We’ve worked closely with many businesses that have launched campaigns such as this where they have used business cards to either advertise a product, promotion, discount, coupon, etc. These types of methods have actually worked with astonishing results. Business cards are small, non-intrusive and usually what is on them needs to ‘get to the point’ fairly quick.

What we mean by ‘get to the point’ is that you shouldn’t have a business card clustered with all types of information. Business cards have limited space due to their small sizes, but if this space is used wisely and effeciently, it can have a great impact. The possibilites can be endless if you think outside the box. By saying that we don’t always mean that you need to try something absolutely new, sometimes it’s good to look back on other promotions with proven track records and try to run similar campaigns that will help benefit your company.


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Because here at we offer business cards at such a low price, almost all companies can afford to order 15,000 – 25,000 business cards. When you order cards at that amount and run a promotion on the back side of the card, or offer $5 off if you bring this card in with you as an example, than you are able to hand these cards out to every single person you interact with. We offer these business cards in Ottawa for such low prices that companies can afford to do just that. We’d like you to succeed and by giving you ideas such as these, we hope your creative team can work some magic!


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