Affiliate Program Information

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Affiliate Program Information

We only print 1 product, unlike traditional printing companies who have a line-up of products ranging from signs and banners to business cards. We print JUST business cards. We are professionals at what we do and have mastered the art of creating fabulous, hi resolution business cards that are guaranteed to stand out.


As an affiliate of you earn a 17% commission rate on any product you sell or any product a customer purchases using your affiliate link. Whether it’s 5000 business cards for $159 or 15,000 cards for $331. Every 10 sales your increased by 1% commission up to a max of 20%. Because we are a very technically advanced company, we provide all types of tools in your affiliate back-end to track sales, coupons, leads, etc. As a new affiliate, you’ll be provided your OWN coupon codes that will be created by our marketing team just for you. Affiliates have coupon codes that range from 5% to 15%. It’s your discretion which coupon code you’d like to give out. You’ll be able to give out your coupon code as incentives for new clients to order, of course any client who uses your coupon code would generate a sale for you. As a company we never step on our ‘affiliates toes’ and we don’t offer discounts to the public greater than 10%. So our affiliates always have the advantage and upper hand and the BEST DEAL.

How you acquire these sales is up to you, it’s mandatory that you use fair tactics and non-intrusive methods. You can pick up the phone and call businesses, you can visit them in person, you can even advertise on social media like Facebook, in your affiliate back-end dashboard you have special links for your social media, any sales made due to your links, you’re account will reflect that.

We offer 100% lifetime commission from your sales account, if you sign up a recurring customer that continue to order cards, than you will continue to be paid for that for the lifetime of the orders.
We pay out all affiliates on the 1st and 15th of each month. Payments are made direct via e-transfer to an email of your choice.